ruby-discid — Ruby bindings for libdiscid

ruby-discid provides Ruby bindings for the MusicBrainz DiscID library libdiscid. It allows calculating DiscIDs (MusicBrainz and freedb) for Audio CDs. Additionally the library can extract the MCN/UPC/EAN and the ISRCs from disc.

Please refer to the GitHub project for further information, download and usage instructions.


RBrainz is a Ruby client library for the MusicBrainz XML web service version 1, which was replaced by version 2. Therefore RBrainz is now deprecated. If you want to access the MusicBrainz web service using Ruby consider using one of the following libraries:

Both libraries use version 2 of the web service and are available via RubyGems. Choose the one that works for you.

The source code of RBrainz is still available on Rubyforge and I will maintain it and fix bugs as long as version 1 of the MusicBrainz web service is available. But please don't use it in new projects and upgrade your existing code.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding RBrainz please write to the rbrainz-user mailinglist.

If you find bugs or if you have any feature requests please use the RBrainz bug tracker.